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Students that are accepted into the S.L.A.T.S GED/HiSET Program are working towards receiving a graduation equivalency diploma, not a high school diploma.  Students are not taking classes for High School Carnegie Unit Credits.  Academic classes are geared at preparing for the GED/HiSET Exam.  Although some students may pass or complete the GED/HiSET Test early on, the GED/HiSET Program is designed as a two year program where students work on both a vocational skill and attaining a GED/HiSET. Please understand that students in the GED/HiSET Program are not working towards gaining progress towards promotion of any grade level.




Students will spend 1/2 of the day focusing on HiSET/GED preparation, and the other 1/2 of the day focusing on an IBC/State Approved Skills Certificate.





Students that are currently receiving 504 accommodations will likely be removed due to the likely hood of not receiving them on the HISET exam.


Students enrolled in the GED Program, regardless of level status, are required to follow all SLATS school rules in route to and from school, while on campus, and while attending any St. Landry Parish School function.




NOTE:  Prior to scheduling any student for the National HiSET, several factors will be taken into consideration:

  • Daily attendance *(cannot exceed 2 absences within a month in subject areas to be tested)
  • D-average or higher on report card
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Final approval will be granted by Administration.



PLEASE NOTE:  Before completion of the Program, if a student exits for any reason (attendance, academic performance, behavior, etc.), he or she will be enrolled in the same grade prior to enrolling into SLATS.