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Students eligible to attend are regular or special education students who will be classified as a 5th or 7th grader for the year in which they are applying and must have been retained at least once.


Program Requirements:


At the conclusion of the school year, if the student meets all promotion requirements for his/her grade level, he/she will be promoted to the next grade level the following school year. Students must pass each course taken in order to be promoted. Please note, if a student has more than 10 unexcused absence in any course, the student will receive a Final Grade of “F” in that course.




The following information is evaluated by members of the staff on each child who is eligible:  a) number of times retained, b) level of LEAP and iLEAP scores, c) discipline records, and d) attendance records. An interview is then held between the student, parent, and members of the committee.  Each criteria level is based on a numerical scale.  The score is tallied once all items of the rubric have been completed.  Approximately sixty students are selected. 



PLEASE NOTE:  Before completion of the Program, if a student exits for any reason (attendance, academic performance, behavior, etc.), he or she will be enrolled in the same grade prior to enrolling into SLATS.